Monday, November 28, 2005


Much has been said and written about the problems with our 'friends' to the north and south. And precious little has been done. There has been talk of a fence, a 'guest worker' program, amminstiy for the illeagles that are here (more than 5 million and counting).

There are things that can be done and there are things that should be done. Here is my list.

Nothing makes for good behavior like a good fence. Build the fence. We c an start modestly. Start with the high traffic areas, channelize the avenues of approach into zones that can be effectively interdicted. Closing the whole border need not be done at once. Just conduct a military terrain study. It aint rocket science.

Remove the economic incentive to employ illeagales in the US. Here is how I do this:
Federal Law - make the issue a matter of National Security. If a job site is raided and IBC's (illegal Border Crosser) are discovered and the employer is found to knowingly hired the IBC, , the following criminal penalties are enforced with no deviation or mercy - 5 years in federal prison (medium security, no 'country club') and $50,000 fine. This is to be imposed on a each IBC basis.

Oh, don't forget the 'Guest worker' program. I'm all for that, with this little twist: There will be NO guest worker permits issued within the confines of the continental United States or Alaska, Hawaii or any other US territory.

All permits will be issued from the embassy or consulate in the nation the applicacant claims citizenship from. Permits will be issued by the Department of Homeland Security after a background check determines that the person does not pose a risk to national security. An issued permit will expire 180 days from date if issue. There is no renewal provision wile in the US. The person MUST return in person to office that issued the original permit to re-apply. The permit holder must report to the local DHS office weekly to verify the status of employment and all other restrictions placed on the persons movement. If the person violates the terms and conditions of the permit, that person is subject to immediate arrest and deportation with out any other recourse. No person admitted into the territory of the US may apply for resident alien or refuge status at any time during the life of the permit or the next 180 day period after the return to their nation of origin.


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