Friday, November 04, 2005

Education Funding

Has anyone wondered where all the education money goes? I have. At work this week, when not otherwise busy, I slapped together some numbers as to where the money goes. As the saying goes, follow the money.

Lets start with a baseline number, $6,000 per student per year. (lowball big time).

Average students per classroom 35

Total cash per class room per year $210,000

Here is your annual classroom budget. Now lets spend some money!

Teacher - $50,000 (pay and benies)
electric: $1800
Water: $450
janitor: $1800

Spent so far: $54,050

what's left: $155,950

Support staff: $25,000
Text Books: $10,000
expendable classroom supplies: $9,000
Maintance of building/classroom $5,000

here's what's left: $106,950.

Now muliply this by 40 (class rooms per school)

A 40 classroom school has 4.3 million dollars of mad money.

And this ain't enough money and they want more!

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