Friday, July 23, 2004

Just shut up and sing

Linda Ronstat; booed off stage in Vegas for voicing political views while in concert. The audience reacts negatively (so I hear) to the message of Ms. Ronstat. Then Ms. Ronstat is escorted off the property according to news reports.

Note to Ms. Ronstat: SHUT UP AND SING. If the audience wanted to hear what you had to say, they would have gone to an event where you paid for it not the people who bought tickets to hear you sing. Don't use someone else's dime to foist your views. We don't want to hear it. If you and your buddy MOORELIES believe that you have been censured, get a grip and a clue. You were contracted to sing.

If you want to flap your gums, use your own venue.

Have a nice life.


Tish said...

Dude, I never liked that lady. She tortured me as a child, and I am still tramatized. Bu, your practically my neighbor. Hit me up sometime.

Mudpuppy said...

Dude, Thanks for dropping by. If you like what you see, pass it on.