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30 July 2004
Federalist Patriot No. 04-30
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Special Edition -- The Demo-lition Division
"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." --George Washington
Top of the fold -- The impostures of pretended patriotism...
It's National Baked Bean Month, and the pretenders were in full regalia in Beantown Monday night as the Demo-lition Party launched its parade of their proudest, most pompous propagandists and praters in front of 4,300 delegates. Full of beans, one and all!
But the infotainment started the eve prior to the DNC's confab, when phony frontrunner John "Fastball" Kerry snuck into town to throw out the first pitch for Sunday's game between the Red Sox and Yankees. Against a backdrop of competing cheers and jeers, Kerry wound up and hurled one into the dirt well in front of his catcher, a 23-year-old Massachusetts native and Afghanistan/Iraq War veteran.
Apparently, Kerry's medal-tossing arm (or were those ribbons he tossed?) isn't what it used to be. Nonetheless, he proved he can still come up short when delivering to America's military personnel.
Earlier, when asked who his favorite Red Sox player was, Kerry responded, "Manny Ortez." The Sox do field Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, but there is no "Manny Ortez" on the roster. (We hasten to add, however, that "Manny Ortez" was closer to the mark than the response Kerry gave the last time he was asked that question: "My favorite Red Sox player of all time is 'The Walking Man,' Eddie Yost." Yost never played for the Red Sox.)
Not to be outdone by her husband's sneak preview, Ms. Teresa (Tuh-RAY-zuh) Heinz (or "Kerry" depending on the audience) was across town telling her home-state (Pennsylvania) delegates that some of the rhetoric coming out of the Democrat Party is "un-Pennsylvanian -- and sometimes un-American." A few minutes later, Colin McNickle, editorial page editor of the conservative-leaning Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, questioned Ms. Heinz about what she meant by "un-American," to which she responded angrily, "I didn't say that. You're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say that."
When pressed by McNickle, whose paper is published near one of the many Heinz-Kerry estates (link to -- ) the opinionated ketchup heiress let loose with, "You said something I didn't say. Now shove it." (Not quite as eloquent as Dick Cheney's recent rejoinder, but close.)
Fortunately for the Demos, the Heinz-Kerry handlers whisked them out of town before they could provide any more embarrassments ahead of Monday's opening ceremonies. But unfortunately for the Demos, they failed to take convention speaker Christie Vilsack, wife of Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, with them. Indeed, Ms. Vilsack provided plenty of amusement Monday morning in a Boston Herald Op-Ed, observing, "I am fascinated by the way some African-Americans speak to each other in an English I struggle to understand." She then added that Southerners seem to have "slurred speech," and "the only way I can speak like residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is to let my jaw drop an inch and talk with my mouth in an 'O' like a fish." Thank you, Ms. Vilsack!
Apparently the DNC circulated a memo to all convention speakers that they were not to speak ill of the Bush administration, but everyone else was fair game. Vilsack, for one, is confident that Pennsylvania, New Jersey and black folk everywhere are in the Demo- bag. But, John Edwards notwithstanding, we don't think Kerry should count the Deep South just yet.
There was plenty of entertaining print elsewhere, like this Washington Post front-page headline promoting its special section on the 2004 Democratic National Convention: "ELECTION 2000" -- we kid you not -- in a very LARGE font! But the Post headline was not quite as big as the font on the banner hanging prominently behind the convention speakers' podium under the al-Jazeera Arabic news network's press skybox. That would be the same al-Jazeera network, which regularly broadcasts (read: promotes) the torture and execution of American military and civilian personnel by al-Qa'ida terrorists in Iraq.
Al-Jazeera's 20-foot-tall, $30,000 banner was quickly replaced with another that promoted "" (Our convention moles suggested a "" banner, but the DNC declined, citing their extreme aversion to truth-telling.) Convention spokeswoman Peggy Wilhide insisted that al-Jazeera had not been singled out. "Frankly, we're not providing a forum for companies to advertise, we're trying to create the kind of atmosphere we want to best present John Kerry and the Democratic [sic!] party." Of course, the large Leftmedia banners for NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN remained in place.
It should be noted, however, that the Demos made amends with al-Jazeera by allowing Islamist imam Yahya Hendi to give a closing "prayer." Interestingly enough, this is the same Yahya Hendi who was a character witness for Sami al-Arian, the Florida "professor" who was indicted by the Justice Department after 9/11 on 50 counts of terror-related charges. (For more on Kerry's coddling of terrorists, link to -- )
Monday night was a blast from the past, featuring (not coincidentally) a lineup of Southern White House occupants and near-misses including Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and, of course, Albert Gore. And it was downhill from there.
Having endured four long nights of hot air, concluding with Kerry's stiff Algorian acceptance speech Thursday evening, we offer the following rogues' gallery of Demo-goguery, the retread politics of division masquerading as messages of unity and optimism.
On division (read: "Demo modus operandi" -- this from the Party whose theme is "Two Americas")... "We are constantly told America is deeply divided. [Republicans] need a divided America. But we don't." --Bill Clinton "Yet in our own time, there are those who seek to divide us. ... America needs a genuine uniter -- not a divider. We have seen how they rule -- they divide and try to conquer. They know the power of the people is weakened when our house is divided." --Teddy Kennedy "Reject Republican efforts to exploit our differences and divide our nation." --Roberta Achtenberg "There are choices -- the politics of 'Jim Crow' or of civil rights, the politics of imprisonment or of liberation, the politics of division or of one America." --Marcia Bristo "Together we can...transcend our differences and divisions." --Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham "Sooner or later, voters in places like that [the South] are going to grow tired of voting on guns, god and gays and start voting on education, health care and jobs. ...We can't be a national party unless we are willing to take our base to Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. ...We need to send a progressive message and stop being afraid of going to Utah or Idaho or Alabama or Texas." --Howard Dean (AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!) "Between now and November -- you can reject the tired, old, hateful, negative politics of the past." --John "Two Americas" Edwards "I want to address these next words directly to President George W. Bush: In the weeks ahead, let's be optimists, not just opponents. Let's build unity in the American family, not angry division. This is our time to reject the kind of politics calculated to divide race from race, group from group, region from region. Maybe some just see us divided into red states and blue states, but I see us as one America -- red, white, and blue." --John Kerry (Tell a lie often enough....)
On taxes (read: "class warfare" division)... "[T]his year, in this election, there is a candidate who understands the middle-class squeeze. Instead of just helping those at the top, I think we ought to give everyone a chance to reach the top." --Dick Gephardt (So, there's a middle class between the "two Americas" after all...) "Today, the middle-class squeeze has become a way of life for millions of American families." --Tom Daschle "[We're] standing up for middle class and working Americans who got a tax increase, not a tax cut." --Howard Dean "We are tired of seeing our hard-earned tax dollars go to haves and have-mores, while the must-haves, could-haves, should-haves, maybes and have-nots have not at all." --Stephanie Tubbs-Jones "And why had the powerful been allowed to doggedly cut taxes for the most privileged, knowing there was little left for the most vulnerable." --Rosa de Laura "[T]he truth is, we still live in two different Americas. We are going to keep and protect the tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans -- 98%. We're going to roll back...the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. We can build one America where we no longer have two healthcare systems. We shouldn't have two public-school systems in this country: one for the most affluent communities, and one for everybody else.... We shouldn't have two different economies in America: one for people who are set for life, their kids and grandkids will be just fine, and then one for most Americans who live paycheck to paycheck." --John Edwards "I will roll back the tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals who make over $200,000 a year, so we can invest in job creation, health care and education. ... [H]ere at home, wages are falling, health care costs are rising, and our great middle class is shrinking. People are working weekends; they're working two jobs, three jobs, and they're still not getting ahead. ... We value an America where the middle class is not being squeezed, but doing better." --John Kerry (The Bush economy is so bad, we're surprised anyone can find just ONE job.)
On race (read: "race-card" division) "In all due respect, Mr. President, read my lips: Our vote is not for sale." --Al Sharpton (Wonder how Tawana Brawley is voting...?) "In my hometown of Cleveland, the unemployment rate is over 11%. In our black and Hispanic communities, the unemployment rate is higher, entering into the double digits." --Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (And we thought 11% constituted "double digits.") "I have heard some discussions and debates about where, and in front of what audiences, we should talk about race, equality, and civil rights. Well, I have an answer to that question. Everywhere. This is not an African-American issue, not a Latino issue, not an Asian-American issue, this is an American issue. It's about who we are, what our values are, what kind of country we want to live in." --John Edwards
On healthcare (read: "Hillary-care" division) "We need to rededicate ourselves to the task of providing coverage for the 44 million Americans who are uninsured and the millions of others who face rising costs." --Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham "John Kerry won't sit back and watch while premiums rise four times faster than workers' wages." --Tammy Baldwin (Oh, really? Kerry has protected malpractice lawyers like John Edwards for the last three decades, while Edwards and his ilk have padded their pockets with largess paid for by those very premiums!) "John believes that we can, and we will, give every family and every child access to affordable health care." --Teresa Heinz "You know what's happening. Your premiums, your co-payments, your deductibles have all gone through the roof. ... When I'm President, America will stop being the only advanced nation in the world which fails to understand that health care is not a privilege for the wealthy, the connected, and the elected." --John Kerry (John Edwards knows why premiums are so high, and isn't Kerry a U.S. senator?)
On "partners" (read: "gender neutrality" division) "[E]specially my beloved partner in life, Tipper." --Albert Arnold Gore "I found a true partner in life...." --Dick Gephardt "John Kerry will guarantee the right to family-health benefits to all our families -- including domestic partners." --Tammy Baldwin "In addition to being a Senior Vice President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, I am a lawyer, a mother, and a lesbian. I am proud to be all of those things and one thing more: a Democrat!" --Roberta Achtenberg
On Demo-leadership (read: "Dem and dumber") "To those of you who felt disappointed or angry with the outcome in 2000, I want you to remember all of those feelings. But then I want you to do with them what I have done: Focus them fully and completely on putting John Kerry and John Edwards in the White House." --Albert Gore (And we thought he'd endorsed Howard Dean...) "[T]onight, we're all here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic (sic) party." --Howard Dean "We went all the way to Herbert Hoover, and we never got the 40 acres [Lincoln promised]. We didn't get the mule. So we decided we'd ride this donkey as far as it would take us." --Al Sharpton "With John Kerry as president, global climate change and other threats to the health of our planet will begin to be reversed." --Teresa Heinz "Our struggle is with the politics of fear and favoritism in our own time, in our own country. Our struggle -- like so many others before -- is with those who put their own narrow interest ahead of the public interest. ... I intend to stay in this job until I get the hang of it." --Teddy Kennedy (Mary Jo Kopechne was not available for comment.) "I think I know a great leader when I see one and so does America. [Bill] showed Democrats how to win again. And so will John Kerry." --Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham "For four years, we've heard a lot of talk about values. But values spoken without actions taken are just slogans. Values are not just words. And it is time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families." --John Kerry
On military service (read: "The JFK legacy project") "If you have any question about what he's made of, you need to spend three minutes with the men who served with him then.... They saw up close what he's made of." --John Edwards (Indeed, link to -- ) "Most importantly, they [Vietnam vets] know the real deal, they know the genuine article, they know the truth...." --Carol Moseley-Braun "I'd like a commander-in-chief who supports our soldiers and our veterans, instead of cutting their hardship pay when they're abroad, and their health benefits when they get home." --Howard Dean "On one occasion [as a kid], I rode my bike into Soviet East Berlin. And when I proudly told my dad, he promptly grounded me." --John Kerry (The Manchurian Candidate?) "I ask you to judge me by my record..." (Indeed, to read about Kerry's war record, link to -- )
In summary -- so, what do we take away from all of this Demo-babble? We thought Bill Clinton was good at faking right and running left, but Kerry and company make Clinton's antics look like child's play. George Washington warned that future generations must "Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." Indeed.
Quote of the week...
"In fact, everything at this convention and on this year's campaign trail seems carefully designed to create the opposite impression from what Senator Kerry's voting record shows. Over the years Senator Kerry has voted again and again to cut spending on the military and on the intelligence services. In short, his votes have weakened this country militarily. Therefore the rhetoric of the convention and the Kerry campaign uses the word 'strong' or 'strength' at every opportunity. By repeating such words incessantly, the rhetoric counters the reality -- at least for those voters who cannot be bothered to find out the facts.... The strenuous efforts of the Democrat convention and of the Kerry campaign in general to create an image that is the opposite of the reality tell us that they know where he is weakest -- and that they think the voters are fools enough to elect an image without bothering to check out the reality." --Thomas Sowell
On cross-examination...
"At long last, say today's Democrats, we are 'united.' In fact, this unity is an illusion, reflecting the transformation of national political conventions to infomercials. If debate were permitted, a dozen or more planks would have produced a traditional platform donnybrook. Delegates swallowed their left-wing principles to accept a watery platform and avoid an internal struggle. They were guided by the party's sole unifying force: the defeat of George W. Bush." --Robert Novak
"Tonight Kerry speaks in the city where Ralph Waldo Emerson espoused a belief that much contemporary historiography, with its egalitarian bent, rejects -- that 'there is properly no history; only biography.' Historians may say history is made as much by the pepper trade or scullery maids as by presidents, but Kerry's biography matters greatly because presidents do. His biography suggests more banality than menace, although banality in high office can be its own kind of menace." --George Will
"Most of the speakers [at the Democrat Convention] engage in ceaseless doubletalk. They promise not to disparage the President, even as they do. They accuse the Republicans of 'dividing' America, even as they [attempt to] divide America. They say they will fight terrorism and also the insurgents in Iraq, even as they express ambivalence. Such equivocalness has got to drive viewers away. The Democrats' speakers also say things that are obviously untrue: that the Florida vote in 2000 was stolen from them, that George W. Bush has some arcane relationship with Enron, that the Republican Party is the Party of The Rich, though most of [the Democrats'] speakers seem to be millionaires." --R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
"The Democrat National trying to steal Ronald Reagan's optimism. Behind the party's smiling masks, though, is the traditional Democrat cynicism that says people can't do much for themselves without the help of government." --Cal Thomas
"This whole war record business is new to the Democrats. The notion of needing to have been in combat before you can be President has not been in the forefront of their thinking since about 1960. That year, an extremely wealthy Democrat Senator from Massachusetts with the initials JFK ran on his having been in the Navy during a war, having commanding a small boat, and having rescued one of his crewmembers." --Rich Galen
"Democrats are representative of the nation only if the nation we're talking about is Brazil. For Democrats, there is only the maid and millionaires. There are no Americans in the middle. To the extent Democrats are forced to recognize working-class white men, they call them 'fascists'." --Ann Coulter
"By my calculations, his 5,221-word speech contained exactly 71 words about his 20-year Senate career. That is the dog that didn't bark tonight." --Dan Casey
Open query...
"Here's the drill: State the obvious as if it is insightful. Then twist it to make it sound like the Republicans are fools or ogres for not seeing the wisdom in what you're saying. 'The Republicans in Washington believe that America should be run by the right people -- their people,' Bill Clinton declared to thunderous applause here Monday night. What in the world is he talking about? This is an election, right? The Republicans think Republicans should run things. Democrats think Democrats should. Is there something I'm missing? Are Republicans somehow 'cheating' because their campaign platform suggests that their own party is the right one to run America?" --Jonah Goldberg
"John Kerry once administered CPR to a hamster. This was one of the poignant vignettes we learned tonight from one of his daughters. Is there some gerbil-loving swing demographic out there we are trying to connect with?" --Barbara Comstock
The BIG lie...
(Insert most any quote from the DNC convention here...)
In other news from the Left...
Listening to the speech of Democrat vice-presidential nominee John Edwards, one might think America is reliving the Carter Malaise. Senator Edwards' "politics of hope" speech burst forth the happy news: America is in decline. The generic grandiloquence of Senator Edwards' homily of a divided America, "where one works and the other reaps the rewards," may not resonate with voters as well as the Kerry campaign hopes. The reason? Jingoistic rhetoric tends to collide with incisive reality. As Senator Kerry lambastes President Bush for his "tax cuts for the rich" and the "middle-class-squeeze," the economy continues to grow, having added about one million new jobs so far. Those pesky job gains, in fact, have averaged 211,000 per month this year alone. Consumer confidence is at its highest point in two years, corporate profits are looking good, and GDP is forecast to grow 4.75% by the fourth quarter of 2004. And Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan sees sunny skies ahead for the economy. During his semi-annual report to the Congress, he pronounced the recovery "self sustaining," due in no small part to a stronger employment market. Fears of deflation and a shriveling economy have all but disappeared.
From the JFK DEMO-lition derby...
Fresh from their success at forcing John Kerry, the French-looking Democrat presidential candidate, to stop using their images in ads promoting his campaign, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are back on the war path against their fellow Vietnam Vet. (Yes, fellow Patriots, you heard that right: John Kerry actually served in Vietnam.)
One of the founders of the veterans' group, Charley Plumly, U.S. Naval Academy Class of '55, is one of Kerry's outspoken opponents. As Kerry campaigned in heavily military Norfolk, Virginia, Plumly, bitter over Kerry's accusations of American military atrocities in Vietnam, told the Left-leaning Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, "We were there." Like the other Swift Boat Veterans for Truth members, Plumly resents Kerry allegations of American "war crimes," in which he claimed to have participated. Says Plumly, "We know what happened. And it wasn't like he says it was."
The group's 250 members fought from the same riverboats as Kerry, but have been a thorn in their fellow vet's side throughout the campaign.
Left-wing pro-Kerry media critics notwithstanding, these vets are still high profile on the national and the grassroots levels. Indeed, as the Democrat Convention touts Kerry's war record, the Swifties are highlighting those pesky truths that Kerry and Co. would rather not talk about.
To read what the Swift Boat Vets really have to say about Kerry and his brief but highly publicized tour of Vietnam, link to --
And a bit of fun ... Kerry recently lectured President Bush for having politely declined to address the virulently anti-Bush NAACP. "When you're president," Kerry said, "you need to talk to all of the people, and that's exactly what I intend to do." So, taking Kerry up on his claim, Grover Norquist, of Americans for Tax Reform, has invited Kerry to speak before his Wednesday gathering of conservative and moderate-conservative organization leaders. That invitation was followed by invitations from the Family Research Council and others. Thus far, Kerry (as manner-born as he is) has failed to RSVP.
In other news from the Political Front...
"The commission has agreed among its members not to feed the partisan political environment by appearing in any partisan forums or contributing to partisan interpretations of our report," says Demo 9/11 Commission member and former Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste. "It would be unfortunate if that process begins before the report has even been officially released."
Talk about bolting the barn door after the horse has skedaddled! Shouldn't the Commission have employed this "no partisanship" rule by selecting a less politicized membership in the first place? And shouldn't those same partisan commissioners have resisted their biological urge to conduct countless Leftmedia interviews while the investigative hearings were ongoing?
Additionally, Commission members have done nothing to quell speculation that one of their own might be the right pick for the new cabinet-level position of national-intelligence director that they're suggesting.
News from the Swamp...
In the Executive Branch, President Bush signed H.R. 218, the "National Concealed Carry for Cops" bill, into law on 22 July. His signature ended a 12-year battle by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America and Congressman Randy Cunningham of California to get the bill passed and signed. The new law permits off-duty and retired law-enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in each of the 50 states. John Kerry actually left the campaign trail to attend his job as senator in order to vote against this bill back in March. What about the cops in the Teamsters and their undying support for the Democrats? We're betting they'll overlook this vote.
From the warfront with Jihadistan...
On Wednesday, in the Iraqi city of Baquba north of Baghdad, some 70 Iraqi civilians and police officers were killed and another 56 wounded as terrorists set off a car bomb near a line of new Iraqi police recruits. Taking a heavy civilian toll on the busy streets, the attack marks one of the deadliest since Iraq's liberation, and by far the most deadly terrorist act since the restoration of Iraqi sovereignty on 28 June, exactly one month ago.
While The Patriot doesn't generally report on the day-to-day ups and downs of the reconstruction, a few observations seem to be in order. In particular, one aspect of the attack not lost upon the Iraqis is the fact that no Coalition troops were in the vicinity at the time of the explosion. Rather, the attack was directed solely against the Iraqi people themselves -- and we trust that this will bolster Iraqi resolve to act against the enemies of their state. Plainly, the fighting on the ground in Iraq is one of ideologies. Whether it be the thinly-veiled fascism of Ba'athist remnants or the Islamist totalitarianism of Jihadi insurgents, the Iraqi people are in a fight against the enemies of democracy and liberalization -- against those who see their extremist ideologies as the path to political and territorial gain.
Tomorrow, 1,000 elected Iraqi delegates will meet in Baghdad to fill seats for a 100-member interim governing council. Terrorist attacks are expected to intensify leading up to the convention, all the more evidence that democracy in Iraq -- and the Middle East -- must succeed. As in Afghanistan, the U.S. must stand firm with our newest ally in the Middle East and actively allow the fragile but intuitive forces of democratization to take their course.
On the Homeland Security front...
Earlier this week, authorities in Texas arrested an Arab woman identifying herself as Farida Goolam Mohamed Ahmed, and are currently seeking to confirm her identity and nationality. Ahmed, detained for illegal entry and falsifying a passport (which was missing six pages), appears on an FBI watch list in association with an investigation of overseas terrorism. Ahmed later confessed to crossing the border illegally from Mexico -- at a time when the government is warning of al-Qa'ida's use of women and non-Arabs as terrorists, to avoid detection. Authorities also report that fraudulent South African passports, like Ahmed's, are falling into the hands of al-Qa'ida operatives. Ahmed was traveling to New York. Developing....
Regarding the redistribution of your income...
Friends of The Patriot at Citizens Against Government Waste have developed a color-coded warning level system called the "Pork Advisory System" for wasteful spending in Congress. The colors match those of the terror alert system: green, blue, yellow, orange and red. Currently, the Pork Advisory Level is "Low," or Green, but that's only due to the fact that Congress is in recess. Appropriately, when Congress is in session, the level automatically goes to "Guarded." When debating budget, the level moves to "Elevated," and when appropriations bills are up, the level is "High." The highest level, "Severe," is reserved for when Congress is "in conference." Fellow Patriots, as Congress continues to refuse any sort of restriction on spending, we must keep a watchful eye. Reps. Sam Johnson (R-Texas), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), Tom Feeney (R-Fla.), and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) are part of an all-too-short list of fiscal conservatives that we should be thankful for.
From the "Non Compos Mentis" Files...
"I feel so exasperated that they [Kerry and Edwards] can't figure out anything except to try to act butcher than...[George W. Bush] when it comes to our international crises. It looks like the Democrats are too frightened to be labeled 'girlie men' by the party of Schwarzenegger to do what has to be done to protect us in this country." --Feminist author Barbara Ehrenreich
(So, Barbara, you're alleging that the two Johns are acting like "manly girls" in order to not be slurred as "girlie men"? Just wondering....)
From the "Village Academic Curriculum" File...
From the Academic Freedom Files: Students for Academic Freedom is reporting that of 792 donations from faculty and staff of Ivy League schools to the respective presidential campaigns of Bush and Kerry, we are shocked -- SHOCKED -- to report that 92% were given to John Kerry. The particular breakdown of donations is as follows:
Brown: Kerry 24, Bush 3 (Kerry 89%) ... Columbia: Kerry 118, Bush 18 (Kerry 87%) ... Cornell: Kerry 76, Bush 6 (Kerry 93%) ... Dartmouth: Kerry 30, Bush 1 (Kerry 97%) ... Harvard: Kerry 280, Bush 17 (Kerry 94%) ... Penn: Kerry 38, Bush 2 (Kerry 95%) ... Princeton: Kerry 74, Bush 14 (Kerry 84%) ... Yale: Kerry 85, Bush 6 (Kerry 93%).
Hence, the purpose of The Federalist Patriot's Collegiate Patriot Project is abundantly clear. If any of our loyal readers happen to be benefactors of these wayward-left academic institutions, we strongly encourage you to begin diverting those funds to the Collegiate Patriot Sustaining Fund. Visit the CP at
In business/economic news...
Despite all of Kerry's rhetoric regarding just how bad we have it here in America, more evidence has continued to roll in that our economic productivity is steadily improving. First we were told by the Kerry campaign that our economy was in shambles. When it was clear that recovery was under way, he insisted that said recovery was "jobless," resulting only in more wealth for the already rich and employed. This of course is nonsense, so we are being told that our economic recovery is unsustainable, that it's merely a temporary anomaly that will soon pass.
But Alan Greenspan testified before Congress last week, stating solidly and optimistically that it was wise to raise interest rates, precisely because the current economic recovery is decidedly sustainable. Indeed, there has been growth in demand, but most important, American workers have grown more productive. Greater productivity means profitable businesses, which lead to higher employment and sustainable increases in demand. According to Greenspan, future interest-rate increases will likely be necessary to reflect the growing value and productivity of the economy. Bad news for Kerry. Good news for the rest of us.
What about that "middle-class squeeze?" Recent reports conclude upper-, middle- and lower-income households have all benefited from the President's tax cuts, to varying degrees, but the latter two not nearly as much as upper income families. Rising gasoline and food prices have put the squeeze on wages -- wages that have not risen to keep up with inflation. Labor Department data indicate that the average hourly wage for production workers increased 2.1% in the second quarter -- behind the 2.8% increase in the CPI -- an apparent net decrease of 0.7% in real wages. The difference is due mainly to what Mr. Greenspan calls the transitory nature of volatile food and energy prices. Leaving out food and energy, the Feds say core inflation will grow 1.9% in 2004. One fundamental economic principle ensures an upbeat future for long-term wages: productivity growth. Even as the economy contracted early in President Bush's administration, productivity growth drove up hourly wages an annual average of 0.7% from 2000-2003. With the economy expanding, inflation projected to remain low, and the job market tightening, higher productivity -- and subsequent pay gains -- will follow.
Clearly, the numbers are on the President's side.
Speaking of bad news for Kerry, Greenspan has reiterated his support for Bush's tax cuts, saying that they moderated the recent recession and helped us along to a quick recovery. Asked about the problematic budget deficit that resulted from the cuts, Greenspan said, "I am for lower taxes and lower spending and lower deficits." That's exactly right. Bush was right to lower taxes, but lower taxes are ultimately meaningless apart from lower spending.
And last...
As John Kerry ended his speech last night, here is what America -- and the world -- heard on CNN as DNC Convention Director Don Mischer orchestrated the final fainfare: "Go balloons, go balloons! Go balloons! I don't see anything happening. Go balloons! Go balloons! Go balloons! Standby confetti. Keep coming, balloons. More balloons. Bring it- balloons, balloons, balloons! We want balloons, tons of them. Bring them down. Let them all come. No confetti. No confetti yet. No confetti. All right, go balloons, go balloons. We need more balloons. All balloons! All balloons! Keep going! Come on, guys, lets move it. J*sus! We need more balloons. I want all balloons to go, g*dd*mmit. Go confetti. Go confetti. More confetti. I want more balloons. What's happening to the balloons? We need more balloons. We need all of them coming down. Go balloons- balloons? What's happening balloons? There's not enough coming down! All balloons, what the hell! There's nothing falling! What the f*** are you guys doing up there? We want more balloons coming down, more balloons. More balloons. More balloons."
Somehow, a fitting finale!
Lex et Libertas -- Semper Vigilo, Paratus, et Fidelis! Mark Alexander, Publisher, for the editors and staff. (Please pray on this day, and every day, for our Patriot Armed Forces standing in harm's way around the world in defense of our liberty, and for the families awaiting their safe return.) *Printer-friendly format
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