Saturday, October 23, 2004

Oh where, oh where can OBL be?

Here is what we know. There has been no creditable information as to his location for about 2 years. There were rumors that he was in the Tora Bora region at the time of the last major operation (Anaconda). Rumors also states that he was in the Kashmir area of Pakistan, one of the ‘stans of the former Soviet Union, or western China.

Personally, as there has been not a single sighting of this ‘person’ (term used loosely), and the fact that he stands at over 6 feet tall, who would stand out like a nun in a whore house if he ever was to show his face, the only conclusion that could be drawn is that this bucket of pus is no longer has a pulse. My guess is that he was holed up in the bunker and cave complex of the Tora Bora, and as a result of the operations he redecorated the walls of one with a reddish/brown goo when the JDAM popped in his lap.

If not, then perhaps he would like to come out and play some more?

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